About Dr. Lei Ang

BQ4A4476 editedDr. Lei Ang has traveled extensively and having lived on three continents, she is well versed in being adaptable and flexible in different cultures. She understands and appreciates the concept of wearing many hats as a physician, be it as healthcare provider, leader, employee, team player, collaborator, teacher, etc. She knows first hand, what it feels like to be standing on the precipice of an important career decision. She empathizes with the increasing number of doctors, who go through emotional and mental turmoil as well as the deep sense of isolation, despite having people around them. She has lived through many challenges; learnt and developed resilience under extreme pressure and what seemed impossible circumstances. Having experienced clarity, and seen the rainbow in the aftermath of the storms of life, she seeks to help those who feel trapped, are captives in their own ‘prisons’ so they encounter liberty on their path to freedom. 

She is a firm believer of the Hippocratic oath ‘First, do no harm’, to not just apply to the care of patients, but to the physicians caring for these patients. She is a strong advocate that the physician’s health and wellbeing is as important as that of the patient. 

She is fierce in her support of her clients and passionately champions them on their transformative journey. It thrills her greatly when her clients obtain clarity or encounter ‘a-ha!’ moments followed by breakthroughs in areas they have grappled with. She sees their breakthroughs as her breakthroughs for it means she has impacted a life. 

Dr. Lei Ang is a physician, trained in medical microbiology and paediatrics. Certified Physician Development CoachShe is also an Advanced Certified Physician Development Coach from the Physician Coaching Institute, trained with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and has completed the CTI Leadership Program. She is a member of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School and a member of the International Coach Federation.