"In a very short time, Lei helped me find my authentic way of being with something I was struggling to incorporate in my practice. Her energy and drive along with deep compassion and curiosity guided me in getting reconnected with my core strengths."  
- U.B



“Coaching with Lei has changed my attitude in life in a numerous ways. She assisted me tremendously to realize my own inner strength and power,that I can tap into as well as nurture.  Our coaching sessions have been instrumental in helping me to continually move forward and grow personally.  In looking back, I have come a long way to living a more defined, purposeful and authentic life and this would not have been achieved without her coaching.  I can never thank her enough!" – A.N.C.


“Although I had reservations about having coaching via the phone, my concerns were quickly dissolved. Lei was wonderful from the moment we started our first session.   In some ways it is a little difficult to explain the difference before engaging her services to where I am today, as it is a process of growth. I can definitely say that my life is better for having her being part of it, and engaging her services. Lei is very personable, and professional. She is focused and insightful.   Sometimes, change is difficult, and Lei is well aware of this. She is patient, kind, and supportive.   Sometimes we all need a nudge to move forward, and sometimes a slap for moving backward. Lei delivers them both with professionalism and support.” – C.B.


“Lei coached me to address procrastination and a feeling of being ‘stuck’ in accomplishing certain work goals that were new and unfamiliar to me. She was able to understand the issues after a surprisingly brief discussion and was immediately able to give me tools that helped me move forward. At first, these seemed like an odd way to progress and I was a little skeptical but I followed her advice and had excellent results.” – E.K-D.



“Thank you, Lei for helping me through some very hard issues. You are a amazing coach, and since I began coaching with you, I have been able to view circumstances with new perspectives, with positive consequences. I have also noticed that I have more patience with other people. ” - P.B.